Basement Remodeling, Maynardville, TN

Take your basement from dank and dark to dreamy with our basement remodeling services.

Basements have a bad reputation at times. They can be cold and damp spaces when unfinished, or even after being finished improperly. If you want to take your basement from dank and dark to dreamy, you can rely on us at TriStar Renovations & Boat Docks.

Basement Remodeling in Maynardville, Tennessee

The first step of your basement remodeling story happens when we listen carefully to your goals for your basement in Maynardville, Tennessee. Are you looking to add a new media room, game room, or other specialty living space? Do you want to add more bedrooms and bathrooms to your residence? Or maybe you are looking to create an apartment or in-law suite that can be used for supplemental rental income or for a family member who needs a living space.

Once we understand your goals, we will craft a basement remodeling plan to achieve them while adhering to the high building standards. We take quality materials and use trusted building practices to make your basement look great and make it function in the desired way. Basement remodeling can add significant value to your home, especially if it adds usable finished living space to your home’s square footage. Just as importantly, it can make your home a more enjoyable place to live, giving you and your family the space and added function you need or want.

As your trusted contractor, we can take care of nearly any project on your to-do list, from basement remodeling to building a custom dock at your waterfront property. Our assistance is just a phone call away. We can answer questions or schedule a consultation today.

At TriStar Renovations & Boat Docks, we offer basement remodeling services in Maynardville, Powell, Corryton, Jefferson City, Clinton, Knoxville, and Morristown, Tennessee.