Dock Services: Do You Need to Repair or Replace?

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It’s important for boatowners to have a reliable dock for them to keep their boats, but like anything else, your boat dock will eventually need professional dock services. However, sometimes, it can be difficult to know whether or not you need to repair your dock or replace it altogether. Dock services can help you with your dock regardless of what state it’s in, so the trick is deciding what kind of services you need.

Dock Services: Do You Need to Repair or Replace?

Generally speaking, the greater the extent of the damages, the more likely you are to need a dock replacement over repair services. For example, one common sign of damage is cracked or warped wooden boards. If only a few boards are cracked, you may be okay with a repair service. However, if there are several cracks and the structural integrity of the dock has been compromised, a replacement would likely be more appropriate.

Foundation issues most often require dock replacement, as they can be very dangerous. Your safety while walking on the dock and getting into and out of your boat is important, so you won’t want to risk your well-being with dock services that won’t correctly diagnose and solve the issue, especially from unqualified individuals. When in doubt, your local dock builder will be able to take a look at your dock and let you know what services are most appropriate. We here at TriStar Renovations & Boat Docks are happy to work with you to make sure your dock is safe and in good condition, so call us today if you need any dock services.